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OBJECTIVE: Guarantee and enjoyment of fundamental rights.

POPULATION: Children and youth with brain disabilities and other limitations.


The interdisciplinary team will move to the home of the child or youth with cerebral palsy or disability  that prevents  displacement to educational institutions, families will receive  Necessary strategies for the strengthening of the affective bond and the development of abilities and skills that will allow them to achieve their personal autonomy, social inclusion, and the improvement of their quality of life. 


 OBJECTIVE: Vocational and labor orientation.

 POPULATION: Children and youth  with special educational needs, disabilities and exceptional talents.

 ACCOMPANIMENT: Meeting space that allows discovering the abilities, skills and tastes of young people with special educational needs, disabilities  and exceptional talent, in order to empower them in opportunities for social and labor involvement and contribute to vocational empowerment.

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OBJECTIVE: Discover and strengthen skills.

POPULATION: Kids  and young people with special educational needs, exceptional talents and a spontaneous population.  

ACCOMPANIMENT: Spaces for interdisciplinary interaction and attention, designed based on the pedagogical proposal "The Laboratories" where students are enabled to  children and youth  with special educational needs, exceptional talents and a spontaneous population, the exploration of different artistic languages (plastic arts, music, theater, dance, literature, among others). Thus, favoring the integral development and optimization of the  learning potential.

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Desarrollo de habilidades 9
Desarrollo de habilidades 11
Desarrollo de habilidades 10
Desarrollo de habilidades 8
Desarrollo de habilidades 6
Desarrollo de habilidades 7
Desarrollo de habilidades 4
Desarrollo de habilidades 1
Desarrollo de habilidades 3
Desarrollo de habilidades 2


OBJECTIVE: School inclusion.  

POPULATION: Kids  and youth with special educational needs, disabilities, and exceptional talents.

ACCOMPANIMENT: Spaces for the exchange of knowledge, experiences,  accompaniment and training  to educational institutions within the framework of school inclusion, redefinition of the PEI, coexistence manual, training for parents, teachers, students and facilitating school flexibility  around pedagogical work with children and young people  with special educational needs, disability  and exceptional talents. 

Inclusion escolar 7
Inclusion escolar 5
Inclusion escolar 6
Inclusion escolar 11
Inclusion escolar 14
Inclusion escolar 12
Inclusion escolar 13
Inclusion escolar 9
Inclusion escolar 10
Inclusion escolar 8
Inclusion escolar 3
Inclusion escolar 4
Inclusion escolar 2
Inclusion escolar 1


OBJECTIVE: Adequate stimulation.  

POPULATION: Families  pregnant women,  infants, children with special educational needs,  prenatal, perinatal and postnatal disability.

ACCOMPANIMENT: Alternative  educational-preventive that seeks to accompany families in an interdisciplinary way in the child's development process through appropriate stimulation activities  in all areas, to reduce the possibility of a disability arising or increase and to promote learning that allows the integral development of the child.

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