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It is one of the ways in which the Caricias de Sol Foundation will finance its comprehensive care programs for pregnant families, infants, children, young people with special educational needs, disabilities and exceptional talent in the Urabá subregion.  

People or companies can help with their economic contributions, in this way it will improve the person and family conditions of the beneficiaries of the programs of the Caricias de Sol Foundation, and at the same time ratify the commitment to social inclusion and social responsibility.  

By joining the IRRADIATING CARES OF HAPPINESS program , you will receive:  

✪ Letter of presentation of the program.  

✪ Life history of the participant who will benefit from their contribution (pregnant mother, lactating mother, child, and / or youth)  

✪ Photo of the beneficiary or beneficiaries.  

✪ Progress reports showing the achievements obtained by the beneficiary.  

✪ Artistic productions made by the beneficiary.  

✪ If you require it, the Caricias de Sol Foundation will issue the donation certificate for the value of your contribution. (The time to prepare the certificates is eight (8) business days).


Godfather Plan: Godparents and godmothers are supportive people, they give their financial contributions to support our children and youth,  thus improving their family and social environment.  

Volunteers: They are the people who by choice and decision provide the Fundación Caricias de Sol with time, knowledge and experiences, welcoming our beneficiary population with their solitude and physical effort.  

Spokespersons: They are the people who help to efficiently and timely disseminate the service offer and the needs of the beneficiaries of the Caricias de Sol Foundation.

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