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The Caricias de Sol foundation was born by inspiration  and concern of a teacher who dedicated her accompaniment to early childhood in the municipality of Apartadó, and who broke with many barriers that made the population with educational needs, disabilities and exceptional talents invisible.  

In the pedagogical work, situations of inequity were witnessed accompanied by anguish, injustice, exclusion and many episodes that fed the search for educational alternatives to facilitate children, young people with educational needs of special social inclusion, disabilities and exceptional talents of the Urabá Subregion .

The foregoing, added to the few offers offered by the subregion to  the population of children and young people with special educational needs, disabilities and exceptional talents, led the Fundación Caricias de Sol dream to materialize,  project that seeks to make the population visible and  improve living conditions, guaranteeing them the enjoyment and fulfillment of their fundamental rights.


The Caricias de Sol Foundation  is a non-profit foundation, its headquarters is located in the municipality of Apartadó, with legal status No: 900908676-1 of November 12, 2015 granted by the Chamber of Commerce and DIAN.


SOLIDARITY: United to achieve the same goal.

CHANCE: Significant transformations in your life.

LEADERSHIP: Positive attitude for the achievement of a valuable, common and humane goal.  

HONESTY: We are characterized by always expressing the truth with our actions and words.

SENSITIVITY:  We use empathy to understand the pain and joy of the other.

GRATITUDE: We esteem and recognize those who have provided a service and those who collaborate with us every day.

MODESTY: We know our flaws, abilities and we accept them.

I RESPECT: We work taking into account the contribution of each member of our team, always paying attention and consideration to everyone.

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